The Traveling Music

The international community began in the former Hostel Langstars. With over 1000 concerts and a few hundreds of jam sessions, it was a meeting point for traveling and local musicians. The hostel moved to Zurich Oberdorf and is now called Old Town Hostel and Wüste Bar. The musical project goes on as Rad Fyah label.

Who is Rad Fyah?

The label is founded and organised by a group of musicians and artists. We share all the work, that has to be done (whew!), that means all of us are involved in the process of doing artwork, recording, video, social media, project management, organisation, communication and administration. And we are still friends!

Rad Fyah core group and our core competencies:

Kaspar Hensel: Recording Facilities, Agreements, Trumpet
Claudia Blum: Artwork, Text, Promo, Guit./Akkord./Voc.
Roberto: Band Relations, Video, Bass/Multi-Instrument
Tess McArdle: Social Media, Artwork, Styling, Vocals
Lukas Hofstetter: Boss, Cook, Experimental Dub/Politics


Artwork & Promo

Image Name


Image Name

Styling & Art

Tess McArdle

Community collaborations

Website: Christof Täschler
Code specials: Michael Vögeli
Web hosting: Awardic

Promo: Propaganda
Vinyl: Duophonic
CD: Hofa
Stickers: Wir machen Druck