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Saraka - Danser

Wow! Great live performance of Saraka (CH/France), drawing influences from latin american folk music, african rhythms and european chanson.

Balaclava - Labels

Balaclava (UK/CH/FR/HR), two sisters who used to perform as a pair, have now grown into a full band. As first act in the studio session series, they're combining upbeat rhythms and melodies with harmonic singing. Exciting!

Los Billtones - Chance For Romance

Los Billtones (CH) performing their sweet Rocksteady and Early Reggae Music in a great studio live session, lean back and enjoy the chance for romance.

Hermanos Perdidos - Fils Du Facteur

Studio Session with Hermanos Perdidos (CH), deeply rooted in south-american cumbia music, sprinkeled with a pinch of balkan sounds and rounded off with a good portion of french chanson.

Saraka - O Mar

Another song from the fantastic session with Saraka (CH/France).

Aside from the studio live sessions, Rad Fyah proudly presents our Band's rad videoclips,
some of them produced with the labels support, others without, but all of them worth an eye and an ear!

Teeth 'n' Tongue Jam - Hashpital

Funny Teeth 'n' Tongue videoclip about a guy (guitarist David) finding his way to the hashpital. Directed by singer Lasha Rukhadze. Produced with a large group of actors and dancers and a lot of effort and passion.

Rich Man's Kitchen Orchestra - Cidre

The Rich Man's Kitchen Orchestra, known for danceable Calypso und Hokum-Blues, recorded and filmed in a sophisticated live show with participating audience. Very impressive!

Teeth 'n' Tongue Jam - Luxury Problem

Teeth 'n' Tongue Jam Videoclip about the relativity of problems. Watch luxury people crying over a broken heel or a scratch in their car! Nice human and animal acting.

Slow Water

Live accoustic session with Balaclava

Los Yukas - Refugiados

Los Yukas (Chile/Argentina/CH) present a beautiful and touching song about refugees, in their unique style, with ingredients from Latin America, Caribbean, Balkan and Switzerland, with tons of soul.