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Teeth 'n' Tongue Jam


European Roots Reggae / Lovers Rock mixed with Afro Reggae, Ska, Rock, Drum’n’Bass, Dub and traditional Balkan Music elements: Let's dance! Charismatic voice and honest lyrics touch both heart and soul.

David Pembleton (ES): Guitar
Lasha Rukhadze (GR): Vocals, Guitar
Roberto Bilic (HR): Bass
Frederik Rechsteiner (CH): Drums
Daniel Y Meyer (CH): Saxophon
Nathan Solothurnmann (CH): Keyboards
Nikos Chatzakis (GR): Mix/DUB

Los Yukas


Los Yukas unites musicians from all around the globe to create their unique style with ingredients from Latin America, Caribbean, Balkan and Switzerland.
Legendary live shows: high spirit guaranteed.

Klaus Jan Dietze: Voz, Guitarra
Reto Ammann: Acordeon, Guitarra
Maximiliano Quinones: Violin, Keys, Percu
Inti Mendoza: Teclados
Thierry Kuster: Saxo, Vientos
Juan Manuel Sineriz: Bajo
Cartin Gulubay: Batería
Bala Subramanian: Percusion



7 musicians playing 7 original songs, about 7 minutes per song, recorded in 7 days, with 7 notes of music. Saraka's description of their new album "Mocambo". Magic? Yes! Performed in very high quality by really good musicians.

C&D: guitar, charangon, vocal
Pino Scalacane: guitar, vocal
Tino Del Valle: congas, vocal
Jerry Laffely: clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax, vocal
Thiegu Marro: alto and tenor sax
Ugo Ma Race: drums
Emilio Joe Vanoli: bass and double bass

Service Fun


Tropicadelic Rock (Psychedelic Rock from the Tropics)

Marc Méan: synth & vocals (Zürich)
Luca Manco: electric guitar & vocals (Vevey)
Laurent Méteau: electric bass & vocals (Zürich)
Gabriel Goumaz: drums & vocals (Vevey)

Los Billtones


Reggae, Rocksteady, Dub from Wetzikon Zürich

Jan Looser: Vocal/Guitar
Nicolas Reinhardt: Vocal/Keys
Paul Märki: Bass
Linus Sax: Drums
Andreas Leuppi: Trombone
Fabio Zoppelli: French Horn
Roland Spalinger: Trumpet



Vivid, danceable festival music. Own songs and pacy refreshed covers. Balkan hybrids and curious mutations.

Ursina Kappenberger: Violine, Sax, Stimme
Reto Ammann: Akkordeon, Oud
Robert Bilic: E-Bass, Stimme
Andrej Ruesch: Drums, Percussion
Nirmal Guentert: Gitarre

The Omedas


Andre and the Omedas is a traveling experience. Encompassing world rhythms, east meets west violin, and folkloric storytelling.

Andrea Burggraf : Guitarra / Voz
Max Q Santander : Violin
Juan Sineriz : Bajo
Christian Szabo : Bateria