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Mambassa Collective


afrobeat, discobeat, groovybeat.
Mambassa saw the light of life in the summer of 2018.
And now is slowly starting to shine!

Band Members:
Cedric Blaser
Elia Fonti
Pino Scalacane
Emilio Giovanoli
Paul Butscher
Valentin Montmollin
Thierry Marro
Victor Decamp
Pietro Dionisio
Greg Thaman
Jerome Laffely
Kolja Smailus
Oscar Morandi
Francesco Berta
Ugo Marras



Inspired by a deep sister connection, Balaclava is a fresh collective, combining upbeat rhythms and melodies with harmonic singing.
Whether on the street or on the stage, you are invited to let go and be uplifted by the muuuuuusic.

Dani Foster (UK) – Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Charissa Foster (UK) – Vocals, Guitar, Ukule, Percussion, Flute
Loreen ilou Haesler (FR) – Bass
Raphael Fuchs (CH) – Drums, Percussion
Roberto Bilic (HR) – Percussion, Flute




In 6 years Saraka has grown from three to eight musicians, from covers to compositions, from acousticscreamed to amplified-psychadelic, from the street to large stages, passing by 3 self-produced albums, many lives and many lives. The result is today a music inspired by Afro-Latin grooves, mixing reverberant guitar riffs, warm-wet wind melodies and bass lines that sweat the trance and invite you to dance.

Cedric Blaser: guitar, vocals
Pino Scalacane: guitar, vocals
Valentin Montmollin: percussions, vocals
Ugo Marras: percussions
Jérôme Laffely: bass clarinet, clarinet, sax, vocals
Thierry Marro: saxophones
Emilio Giovanoli: double bass, bass, vocals
Lucien Muellener: drums


Los Billtones


Reggae, Rocksteady, Dub from Wetzikon Zürich

Jan Looser: Vocal/Guitar
Nicolas Reinhardt: Vocal/Keys
Paul Märki: Bass
Linus Sax: Drums
Andreas Leuppi: Trombone
Fabio Zoppelli: French Horn
Roland Spalinger: Trumpet


Teeth 'n' Tongue Jam


European Roots Reggae/Lovers Rock mixed with Afro Reggae, Ska, Rock, Drum’n’Bass, Dub and traditional Balkan Music elements: Let's dance! Charismatic voice and honest lyrics touch both heart and soul.

Lasha Rukhadze (GR) – Vocals, Guitar
Frederik Rechsteiner (CH) – Drums
Daniel Y Meyer (CH) – Saxophon
Nathan Solothurnmann (CH)– Keyboards
Roberto Bilic (HR) – Bass
William Pendleton (ES) – Guitar
Nikos Chatzakis (GR) – Mix/DUB


Los Hermanos Perdidos


This sister and her brothers have had their share of travelling. Since six years they journey with evernewfound brothers, holding on to their cumbia- and funana- influenced music. They play heartfelt ballades about how it all could be and rough and fast songs about how it is. Los Hermanos Perdidos make you feel like you are where you wanted to be.

Daria Weyeneth: Akkordion, Saxophone, Vocals
Gregor Kaufeisen: Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Gwen Farinelli: Cajon, Guitar, Vocals
Dorian Kaufeisen: Guitar, Vocals
Kaspar Hensel: Trumpet, Guitar
Cris Apaza: Guitar


The Omedas


The eclectic fusion of The Omedas blends the sounds of western, swing, gypsy, and latin into neo-folk tunes laced with subtle traces from deep space. World rhythms drive the energetic original music, with east meets west fiddle wizardry and soulful storytelling leading the way. Their captivating live performance brings the audience along for a wild journey around the planet and beyond.

Andrea Burggraf : Guitarra / Voz
Max Q Santander : Violin
Juan Sineriz : Bajo
Christian Szabo : Bateria




Eclectic fusion of traditional sephardic and mediterranean music with contemporary electronic flavoured music (dub,electro, trance...)
Haver is currently based in Zagreb, but we come from three different cities: Zagreb (Cro), Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Vladimir Mićković (BIH) – Vocals
Jadranko Kereković (BIH) – Guitar, Synth, Programming
Niko Radas (HR) – Drums




Vivid, danceable festival music. Own songs and pacy refreshed covers. Balkan hybrids and curious mutations.

Ursina Kappenberger: Violine, Sax, Stimme
Reto Ammann: Akkordeon, Oud
Robert Bilic: E-Bass, Stimme
Andrej Ruesch: Drums, Percussion
Nirmal Guentert: Gitarre


Service Fun


Tropicadelic Rock (Psychedelic Rock from the Tropics)

Marc Méan: synth & vocals (Zürich)
Luca Manco: electric guitar & vocals (Vevey)
Laurent Méteau: electric bass & vocals (Zürich)
Gabriel Goumaz: drums & vocals (Vevey)


Los Yukas


Los Yukas unites musicians from all around the globe to create their unique style with ingredients from Latin America, Caribbean, Balkan and Switzerland.
Legendary live shows: high spirit guaranteed.

Klaus Jan Dietze: Voz, Guitarra
Reto Ammann: Acordeon, Guitarra
Maximiliano Quinones: Violin, Keys, Percu
Inti Mendoza: Teclados
Thierry Kuster: Saxo, Vientos
Juan Manuel Sineriz: Bajo
Cartin Gulubay: Batería
Bala Subramanian: Percusion